New year resolution, 2018 edition

Okay, I never do this shit (maybe I’ve done it once or twice but failed miserably after few days) and I was planning on keeping it that way, but I’ve actually come up with a 2018 new year resolution.

My plan for 2018 is: develop a game every month.

I’ve spent 2017 grinding on stuff I didn’t really like and it was starting to affect my love for programming and killing my productivity. I also came up with tons of ideas through the year and because I can’t decide on which to work with I’ll go with a different idea every month.

The plan is to choose an idea and lay down a general plan in first 3 to 5 days of the month and then spent the next 25 days to reach the end line.

I’m fine with games not being “top notch” in every aspect (graphics, sounds, etc.), but it’s the execution that matter and actually finishing something in form of working concept or prototype. Maybe I even develop something so cool it’s worth working on for more than a month, I don’t know, we’ll see.

So, on the 1st January of 2018 development of the first game begins. Let’s do this!

Sketchr, a wireframing tool

I’ve been thinking about making an Infinite Dreams sequel (not direct sequel but more of a spiritual successor) and came across another idea, tied in directly with ID2 development  – I’d need a level editor to create levels. Original ID was programmed in Flash and I’ve also developed a small level editor for that game, also in flash, but ID2 will be HTML5 so I decided to make a level editor in HTML5.



*I’ve miss-typed the ‘sketcher’ but kinda liked the ‘sketchr’ idea, so it’s Sketchr now.

Screenshot of the current version:

Click to enlarge

Sketchr is basically a wireframing tool that exports final product as JSON object. Users can place two types of shape objects (seen as Presets in screenshot) on canvas and add additional presets, defining ID, color and shape type of each one. Users  can also change canvas size (in pixels and percents), change grid size and turn on or off Snap to grid option, forcing shape resizing or movement to snap to grid or being free to move and resize if Snap to grid is turned off.

There will be a version control in next iterations of Sketchr, where every sketch edit gets an unique ID and links to previous version and newer if availible. Users will be able to open older version of sketches and create completely new branches of edits. Basic saving already works now, it’s just that every new sketch gets an ID that stays the same through all the edits of sketch.

Next iterations of Sketchr will also include an option to set a background image to sketch, so object placement becomes easier

If you’re interesting in joing the Sketchr beta, submit the form below:

Beta closed.